A Rising Football Dream - Hong Kong eFootball Team was Selected FIFAe Nations Series 2023TM - HKFA e


With eSports arising as one of the most popular topics worldwide, it continues to develop rapidly. In order to promote the eSports development in town, the Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) teams up with Esports Association Hong Kong (ESAHK) to organise the FIFAe Nations Series 2023TM - HKFA eFootball Open to select local eSports athletes representing Hong Kong to compete in the “FIFAe Nations Cup 2023”. The event was title sponsored by BOC LIFE, with the Grand-final staged on-site in the Olympian City today (10th December), the winner earned prizes HKD$30,000 presented by Mr. Eric Fok, JP, the Vice Chairman of HKFA & eSports Committee Chairman, Ms. May Cheung, Senior Leisure Manager (Sports & Recreation) of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Ms. Vivienne Chiu, Chief Brand and Communications Officer of BOC Life, Mr. Johnny Woo, HKFA Board of Directors, Mr. Ivan Wong, HKFA Board of Directors, Mr. Eric Yeung, Founding President of Esports Association Hong Kong, Mr. Joe Cheng, HKFA Member of eSports Committee, Mr. Terence Leung, HKFA Member of eSports Committee, Mr. Jeff Lam, HKFA Member of eSports Committee, Mr. Alex Yeung, Associate Sales Director of Otsuka Pharmaceutical HK Limited, Assistant Manager (Leasing Marketing and Promotions ) Olympian City Sino Group, Mr. Eric Chan, Council Member of Esports Association Hong Kong, and opportunities to represent Hong Kong in world championships.

eFootball elite strive for the championship

With enthusiastic participation, 1-1 online qualifiers took place on the 8th and 9th of December in a single-elimination format. The top 8 finalists advanced to the final round held this afternoon. They proved their superior skills in “FIFA23” 95 OVR on the PS5 console platform. Four winners including Yau Man Lung, Yung Shing Long, Ho Long Fung, and Wan Tsun Hin have claimed their seats in the Hong Kong Team.

In the Finals, athletes demonstrated their dedication and perseverance. The competition was very exciting, Yau Man Lung brought home the trophy and prizes amounting to HK$15,000. He may also have the chance to represent Hong Kong in the "FIFAe Nations Cup 2023".

Athletes await to pursuing their dreams on international stages

Athletes said that the main incentive to compete in this tournament has been the chance to represent Hong Kong in international events. It gives eSports fans the ability to compete in elite sporting events for Hong Kong. The HKFA eFootball Open is an official competition, which proved how eFootball rise and grew up with traditional football.

Mr. Eric FOK Kai Shan, JP, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Football Association and Chairman of Esports Committee, said, “As a major football and eSports event in Hong Kong, we continue to achieve impressive results this year. I am most encouraged by young elites' enthusiasm to participate in the competition. It means a lot to me to witness them playing as athletes, seizing the opportunity to compete and connect with the world's best athletes. In the past year, our teenagers have achieved fantastic results on the international stage. In addition to reaching the final round of the knockout round and beating many strong teams, the Hong Kong team's world ranking has also climbed to 32nd. I would like to thank all competitors and all sectors of society, especially our sponsors, for their continuous support to accelerate the development of Hong Kong eSports. I would like to give my best wishes to the Hong Kong eFootball team to fetch great results for the city!”

Sponsored by BOC Life for the third consecutive year, this event is an initiative to boost the public's understanding and awareness of eFootball, drive the city to support the development of Hong Kong sports and the eSports sector, with an ultimate goal to nurture locally-trained eSports athletes to flourish and shine on a global setting.

In addition, HK U23 football team member Yuen Sai Kit was also invited to participate in a "FIFA23" exhibition game. The exhibition game is very meaningful and it proved that even though eFootball and traditional football are different in form, they also emphasize the importance of reaction and concentration. Both of the sports break through gender stereotypes but only compete for strength and techniques, and this is a move to encourage more people to join the ranks of football and eSports, while raising the awareness of eSports development in the public sector.

The HKFA concluded the FIFAe Nations Series 2023TM - HKFA eFootball Open today, with a sincere hope to see local eFootball representatives be in search of world titles and bring home the bacon.

FIFAe Nations Series 2023TM- HKFA eFootball Open, sponsored by BOC Life - Results

Champion: Yau Man Lung

1st Runner-Up: Yung Shing Long

2nd Runner-Up: Ho Long Fung