2020-2021 Jockey Club Futsal League (FA Cup - Div.2) - League Update


Ample Way Elite Kuitan went toe-to-toe against Ravia Sports Association in the Jockey Club Futsal League FA Cup (2 Div.) Final that took place in Hoi Sham Park on Saturday afternoon. Ample Way Elite Kuitan brushed off Ravia Sports Association with a 3:0 victory and clinched the Jockey Club Futsal League FA Cup (2 Div.).

Both sides started the game somewhat cautiously and the first dangerous scoring chance did not occur near the midway point of the first half.

On the 9th minute, Ample Way Elite Kuitan's Tam Po-lun delivered a teasing cross from the left wing. Sy Chun-hin went sliding in at the back-post but failed to make contact with the ball.

Afterwards, Ravia Sports Association went on a dangerous counter-attack. Kwong Siu-lun fired an acrobatic shot towards goal but ended up hitting the side-netting.

On the 16th minute, Ample Way Elite Kuitan player Tam Po-lun picked up the ball inside the Ravia Sports Association penalty area but fired the ball wide. The game went into half time scoreless.

Ample Way Elite Kuitan managed to break the game open early in the second half.

On the 26th minute, Chan Tsz-fung's centering pass reached Ip Kwok-hei down the middle. The latter motored forward with the ball and drove it home under pressure, putting Ample Way Elite Kuitan in front 1:0.

On the 29th minute, Ample Way Elite Kuitan duly doubled its lead. Sy Chun-hin made a darting run down the right flank and drilled the ball home with authority. Ample Way Elite Kuitan was now leading by 2:0.

Late in the game, Ravia Sports Association went all out on attack, hoping to get on the scoreboard. Ample Way Elite Kuitan goalkeeper Wong Kwan-ho seized the opportunity and sent his goal-kick straight into the opposing net. The score was now 3:0 for Ample Way Elite Kuitan.

At the end, Ample Way Elite Kuitan came out on top and defeated Ravia Sports Association by 3:0, winning the Jockey Club Futsal League FA Cup (2 Div.).