2020-2021 Jockey Club Futsal League (FA Cup - Div.2) - League Update


Ample Way Elite Kuitan and Sham Shui Po gathered in Hoi Sham Park on Tuesday evening for a Jockey Club Futsal League FA Cup (2 Div.) Semi-Final Battle. Ample Way Elite Kuitan put seven goals past Sham Shui Po on the evening and cruised past the district side through a 7:2 victory, punching its ticket for the final.

Ample Way Elite Kuitan got off to a fast start in the game, as quick goals from Chow Wai-kit and Chan Tsz-fung put their side in front by 2:0 barely minutes into the game.

Afterwards, Ample Way Elite Kuitan continued the onslaught, as Pang Yiu-ting and Tam Po-lun both found the back of the Sham Shui Po net and made it 4:0 for their side.

Late in the first half, Sham Shui Po triggered a lethal counter-attack, as Donald Liu finished things off with a clean strike, pulling a goal back for the district side.

The first half wrapped up with Ample Way Elite Kuitan enjoying a 4:1 lead over Sham Shui Po.   

Ample Way Elite Kuitan hit the ground running in the second half and scored once again. This time, Chan Tsz-fung nicked the ball and made a great pass to Yiu Wing-kei. The latter took care of the rest and fired the ball home. The score was now 5:1 with Ample Way Elite Kuitan well in front.

Around the half hour mark, Sham Shui Po managed to pull one back, as a cheeky back-heel pass from Lee Kwan-lap found teammate Wong Shun-yin. The latter unloaded from the left wing and found the back of the net. Sham Shui Po was down by three goals.

Later on, Ample Way Elite Kuitan added to its lead through goals from Ip Kwok-hei and Pang Yiu-ting.

At the end, Ample Way Elite Kuitan secured its place in the Jockey Club Futsal League FA Cup (2 Div.) Final by defeating Sham Shui Po 7:2 on the evening.