2020-2021 Jockey Club Futsal League (FA Cup - Div.2) - League Update


Ample Way Elite Kuitan got off to a fast start in the game, as Sy Chun-hin opened the score for his side barely a minute after the opening whistle.

On the 7th minute, Sun Hei’s Ng Ho-yin accidentally knocked an Ample Way Elite Kuitan cross into his own net, gifting Ample Way Elite Kuitan a two-goal lead.

Afterwards, Sun Hei fought back and got on the scoreboard. On the 15th minute, Lui Wai-chiu went one-on-one against the Ample Way Elite Kuitan goalkeeper and found the back of the net through the far side.

On the 19th minute, Sun Hei managed to tie the game, as Lui Wai-chiu cut inside from the right wing and fired the ball home, making it 2:2 right in time for the interval.

Early in the second half, Ample Way Elite Kuitan’s Pang Yiu-ting scored a quick brace, extending Ample Way Elite Kuitan's lead to 4:2.

Ample Way Elite Kuitan was not done and pulled further away, as Chan Tsz-fung and Tam Po-lun scored back-to-back goals, making it a 6:2 lead for Ample Way Elite Kuitan.

On the 32nd minute, Ample Way Elite Kuitan's Lam Tsz-ching delivered a cross from the left side, Dickson Wong tucked home the ball and made it 7:2.

Late in the game, Yiu Wing-kei connected with a teammate's pass, kept his composure and drilled the ball home from inside the box. The score was now 8:2 for Ample Way Elite Kuitan.

The 8:2 score eventually stood towards the final whistle, as Ample Way Elite Kuitan cruised past Sun Hei and advanced to the next round of the competition.