“Scholarship for Professional Players” - Open for registration


Hong Kong professional football players spend a long time on trainings and matches and some of them even represent the Hong Kong team at international level. Thus, it is not easy for professional football players to maintain a balance in their career and academic achievement. In view of this, Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) have established the “Scholarship for professional players” with the support of the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB), in order to provide scholarship for current and retired football players. Each successful applicant will receive a maximum of $42,100 per year for up to four years to study including certificate, diploma, and degree courses in Hong Kong or coach courses provided by football associations. The aim of the scholarship is to relieve player’s financial burden and thus to attract more good players to engage in professional football. Moreover, this scholarship scheme could help players to better plan their career after retiring from being professional players and could also help them to build their long-term career. 

Mr. CHEUNG Kin Fung, the Person-in-charge of “Scholarship for professional players” and Hong Kong football team coach, said, “I have been a professional football player and I understand how difficult it is for professional football players to pursue their ambitions in education. This scholarship scheme can relieve the player’s financial burden. In addition, football players who retired in recent years can also have opportunities to obtain more academic qualifications. I hope this can pave the way for their future careers and better prepare them for retirement after football.”

“Scholarship for professional players” welcomes current and retired premier league players. For this season, HKFA will select 10 players and the successful applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

a. Current players:
I.    Currently a member of the Hong Kong Representative Team or the Hong Kong Youth Representative Team; and 
II.    Current Hong Kong Premier League player and recommended by the Hong Kong Premier League’s club; and
III.    Have lived in Hong Kong for at least three years and hold a Hong Kong identity card at the time of application.

b. Retired players
Applicants need to meet the following conditions:
I.    Participated in the Hong Kong Premier League for more than 5 seasons; and
II.    Hold a Hong Kong permanent identity card at the time of application.
III.    Players apply within two years of retirement.

“Scholarship for professional players” is open for applications for players to apply for the subsidy for tuition fee during 2020-2021 school year. The subsidy will cover tuition fee only. Applicants need to submit the application form, player resume, admission information and the club recommendation letter to HKFA (Coach Education, 55 Fat Kwong Street, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong) by April 7. The result of the applications will be notified by letter to all applicants by early May. Subsidies of scholarship will be issued in mid-June. If there are any enquiries, please contact HKFA coach education department for any enquiries at 2193 7367.