2019-20 HKFA Senior Shield – Wofoo Tai Po 5:1 BC Rangers


Wofoo Tai Po squared off against BC Rangers in Mongkok Stadium on Sunday for the last remaining Senior Shield quarter-final battle. Wofoo Tai Po went all guns blazing and defeated BC Rangers by 5:1.

Wofoo Tai Po tested the BC Rangers defense on the 22nd minute, when Yuto Nakamura found himself unmarked inside the BC Rangers box but blasted the ball high.

BC Rangers came up with its own chance on the 29th minute. Veteran Christian Annan pushed forward on the right-flank and reached the Wofoo Tai Po box. Annan pulled the trigger on a fine strike but sent the ball over the Wofoo Tai Po crossbar.

On the 34th minute, Wofoo Tai Po came up with another scoring chance. Alessandro Leonardo fired a sweet free-kick but blasted the ball high above the BC Rangers goal.

The New Territories side opened the score on the 36th minute, as Yeung Chi-lun belted a cracking shot from the right-wing that found the far-corner. Wofoo Tai Po was up 1:0.

Late in the first-half, Yeung Chi-lun delivered a great cross towards the middle. Michel Lugo latched onto the ball and blasted it home. It was now 2:0 for Wofoo Tai Po.

Wofoo Tai Po continued to have the upper-hand on the 56th minute. Michel Lugo took aim and fired a long-range shot but ended up hitting the crossbar.

The New Territories side added another goal on the 62nd minute. Yuto Nakamura picked out teammate Alessandro Leonardo with a lovely pass. The latter fired away and made it 3:0 for the New Territories side.

BC Rangers came up with a rare chance on the 68th minute. Diego Canete unloaded a low-drive from the top of the box that missed hitting the target.

On the 81st minute, Wofoo Tai Po substitute Chan Man-fai found the back of the BC Rangers net and expanded the lead for his team. It was now 4:0 with Wofoo Tai Po well in front.

BC Rangers broke the goose-egg on the 84th minute, as Leandro Basan converted a penalty-shot and made it 4:1. BC Rangers was still trailing by three goals.

Late in the game, Wofoo Tai Po’s Michael Luk fired a smashing free-kick that went straight into the BC Rangers net, making it 5:1 in the process.

The score stood towards the final whistle, as Wofoo Tai Po defeated BC Rangers by 5:1.

Wofoo Tai Po 5:1 BC Rangers