Best Union Yuen Long hotshot Chan Kwong-ho nets HKPL MVP honor (October, 2018)


Best Union Yuen Long striker Chan Kwong-ho might be a rookie in the Hong Kong Premier League but do not let his rookie status fool you, as the twenty-one year-old local forward has gradually been making a name for himself in the early season.

Entering his first campaign as a professional footballer, Chan Kwong-ho burst onto the Hong Kong Premier League scene in the most spectacular manner, racking up four goals in the early months and capping off his sensational rise with the Hong Kong Premier League MVP trophy (October, 2018), co-handed out by the Hong Kong Football Association and the Hong Kong Sports Press Association.

Despite quickly making a name for himself in his premier league debut season, the Wong Tai Sin youth-product, who plied his trade for First Division side Wing Yee Property last campaign, maintains his goal has been the same all along – hoping to secure a spot in Best Union Yuen Long’s starting lineup every game.

“I never thought I would be winning this MVP honor. I guess it is because of my two goals in October,” Chan smiled and explained.

“I still recall how I was fighting to get into the Best Union Yuen Long starting lineup in preseason training camp. It has been a long way to get to this point. I must thank our head coach Kenneth Kwok for sticking with me and giving me the opportunity to show my stuff on the pitch.”

A former member of the Hong Kong Futsal Representative Team, Chan acknowledges his development in 11-a-side football has been far from plain sailing, therefore while the accolades have been pouring in so far this season in response to his good showing on the pitch, the Best Union Yuen Long striker has retained a “feet-firmly-on-the-ground” approach.

“I would be lying to you if I say I am not aware of people’s compliments. (smile) Having said that, my own development in 11-a-side football has not been smooth indeed, hence I am not going to allow any complacency to set in whatsoever,” Chan stressed.

“At the end of the day, you must seize your opportunity when it arrives. All along, I just want to have the chance to showcase what I can do on the pitch. As a striker, my responsibility is to shoot more and to look for goal-scoring chances.”  

Looking back on the early months of the current premier league season, Chan and his Best Union Yuen Long teammates have already come up with some memorable results and stunning goals. Amongst all the wonderful moments so far, the fast-rising local striker highlights his first ever professional goal as the most important moment.

“My first goal this season is utterly important for my professional career, as it makes me realizes my ability is not far away from the Hong Kong Premier League standard,” Chan reflected.

“After these several months, if I can continue to improve on my own fitness level, I am sure it will benefit my play even more.”  

As a fast-rising prospect in the Hong Kong Premier League, local fans have started to envision Chan one day donning the Hong Kong Representative Team uniform. Chan, who actually represented Hong Kong in the Hong Kong-Macau Interport in October, maintains he will keep working hard and hopefully, forces his way into the upcoming Guangdong-Hong Kong Interport squad.

“I was not that nervous playing in the Hong Kong-Macau Interport but actually felt a bit of pressure,” Chan revealed.

“I am fully aware that Hong Kong has been sending out a rather young squad in recent Guangdong-Hong Kong Interport and hopefully, my play on the pitch will do the talking for me and I can secure more opportunities to play for Hong Kong, maybe as early as the next Guangdong-Hong Kong Interport.”