Red-hot Kwoon Chung Southern forward Dhiego Martins claims HKPL MVP award (August & September, 2018)


Seizing his opportunity to the fullest and driving his team to victories on the pitch might very be what led Kwoon Chung Southern’s Dhiego Martins to the Hong Kong Premier League MVP trophy (August and September, 2018), co-handed out by the Hong Kong Football Association and the Hong Kong Sports Press Association.

Despite missing Kwoon Chung Southern’s season-opener through injury, Brazilian forward Dhiego Martins bounced back in the best possible manner, scoring three goals for the Hong Kong Island side in the next two games, helping his team to chalk up a four-game winning streak and snatching the monthly MVP award in the process.

Freshly informed about winning the season’s first individual honor, Martins admits the news is somewhat of a surprise. A welcoming surprise indeed.

“Back in preseason training camp, I have actually set up a series of personal goals for the new campaign and that includes winning the monthly MVP award,” the likeable Brazilian explained.

“However, winning the honor in the very first month of the season is still a bit of a surprise. Nevertheless, this will motivate me to push harder in the future, as I strive to continue to deliver the goods on the pitch for the remainder of the season.”

Equally adept on dribbling and shooting, Martins acknowledges not earning regular minutes with Wofoo Tai Po last season has made him aiming for a much better season.

“You know what? I have played in Hong Kong for so many years now. No matter it was with South China or Hong Kong Pegasus, I have never spent so much time on the bench as I did last year” reflected Martins.

“Hence when I made up my mind to join Kwoon Chung Southern in the summer, I was really determined to show my true qualities in preseason training, targeting for a bounced-back season.”

“There were lots of times in the previous campaign that I only entered the game late and played a few minutes. Maybe I was not quite mentally prepared to handle that,” confessed the well-mannered attacker.

“With last season’s experience under my belt, no matter how much I play now, I truly want to give it my absolute best. Regardless if it is only a handful of minutes, I will still try to make the most of the situation and try to give the team the best several minutes that Dhiego Martins can possibly give.”

With Kwoon Chung Southern soaring high and occupying the top spot of the Hong Kong Premier League in the early season, Martins seems to be chomping his bits and ready to lead his side to the ultimate promise land.

“When we won our first two games of the season, people were still doubting whether Kwoon Chung Southern is for real.”

“Afterwards, we went on, met stronger sides in the league and beat Wofoo Tai Po while going one-man down. With that kind of performance, I have no doubt that this team is capable of challenging for the premier league title and other trophies!”