Rise of School Girls’ Football Star wraps up in wonderful turnout


Hong Kong Football Association celebrated AFC Women's Football Day by organizing the “Rise of School Girls' Football Star” event on the weekend (10 March). A talented young side formed by students from YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College and Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College overcame all challenges and took home the championship crown.

The “Rise of School Girls' Football Star” event received great support from local schools, with more ten educational institutes signing up for the occasion. Members from the Hong Kong Women's football team and its youth team also joined in on the event, creating lots of excitement on the day. The activity also included fun games and lucky draws, largely increasing the participation level of all attending parties.

Hong Kong Football Association's Women's Football Manager Betty Wong indicates the “Rise of School Girls’ Football Star” event is merely a testing point, as the organization plans to expand its promotion on women's football down the road.

“Most of our coaches, referees and supporting members for this event are female, as we want to bring out the clear message that women can also take up various positions on and off the football pitch,” Wong explained. The feedback that we have gathered from this even remains very positive.”

Team C player Kaya Heathman, who scored the match-winner in the semi-final and eventually helped her side to claim the championship, highlights meeting other women football players as the best memory from the event.

“Helping my team to win the championship is always satisfying but the most memorable thing for myself is actually meeting lots of new women players through football, then battling together,” offered Heathman.

“Going through the shootout in the final in order to settle for the championship is quite nerve-racking but sharing the triumph together with all my teammates is simply a wonderful joy.”