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Referee Development

Introduction of the Referees Department of the HKFA
The Referees Department of the Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA)  implements all decisions made by the Referee Committee  on the improvement and development of refereeing in Hong Kong. Its mission is to ensure high quality of refereeing services for the Hong Kong football community.
The referee plays a critical role during the  football match. It is the ultimate authority. All registered referees of the HKFA enforce the law and to ensure fairness, safety of players and game is enjoyable.

Mission of the Referees Department

1. To promote the role of match officials and refereeing specialists in football at both national and international levels.

2. To improve the quality of match officials and refereeing specialists at all levels of  game by incorporating specific rules aimed at standardizing and enhancing the status and education, as well as the way refereeing is organized within different FIFA or AFC member associations.

3. To define the legal and professional status of the match officials and to ensure  the Referees Department within the HKFA remains uninfluenced by other bodies such as government, leagues or clubs.

4. To recognize the essential role that match officials and refereeing specialists have to play in the football community in order to uphold the values of fair play and protect both the players and the game.

5. To maintain and improve refereeing from fundamental level upwards.

6. To recognize the responsibility to appoint reliable and suitably qualified match officials and refereeing specialists for competitions and education and development programs at HKFA, AFC and FIFA levels.

7. To continually build the cooperation and communication with stakeholders of the football community in pursuit of excellence.

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